Dani Swan





‘I appreciate her multiple talents, her international scale work as well as her high sensitivity as regards to the ideals of UNESCO and particularly human rights……she personifies the ideal multi level modern artist and creator with a warm human personality….’ 

DR Constantin Kontogiannis ( United Nations, Paris - Executive United Nations Dance Council Committee CID ( UNESCO ) 

‘Dani Swan is the perfect asset for any performance capture production. Dani can adapt to any motion capture need while maintaining the highest quality of performance. She’s my Go-to girl!’

 Marc Morisseau (Planet of the Apes, Resident Evil, Call of Duty)

 ‘Alongside of having a fantastic look for Imagery, Dani provides exceptional skills for dramatic motion, movement, dance and as an actress. Thus providing a wide range of performance and inspiration to the media arts’ 

 Tani Kunitake – (Matrix, Final Fantasy, Black Panther, Starwars - ep. VIII)

‘Dani Swan is the hardest working young talent in show biz. Comes to the table with strong choices and takes direction like a pro’

Sandy Martin (Napoleon Dynamite, Big Love, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia)

‘Dani is a dangerous Woman - And I mean that as a huge compliment. She really can do it all and does it with true professionalism’ 

Dani performer this role perfectly and she was critical to the success of this episode. Her work gained much acclaim for the show’ 

 David Fedirchuk ( ABC2, Australia ) 

‘Dani has fulfilled all my expectations - I have also worked with Dani as a fellow actor finding her intotive and creative which of course will endear her to her audience’ 

Tony Bonner ( Anzacs, Skippy, Skyways ) 

She is able to perform the movement, she is able to be the actress, she can do the voice over, she has a global understanding  of the project  including some highly appreciative abilities to help trigger the team collaborative spirit and she has the look…..her unique profile is rare in this field’

 Remi Brum ( CEO, Mocaplab, Paris  ) 

‘Out of the 165,000 members of our organization, only 12 persons are chosen to serve on this Committee. They must represent the best in the field and Dani exemplifies just that’

‘She is unique and talented, and I admire her. I do not hesitate to state that her work is indeed extraordinary’

Woody Shultz ( SAG/AFTRA National Chair leader for Performance Capture - Motion Capture Actor - Avatar, Polar Express, Beowulf ) 

‘Overall, Danis creativity drive and work ethic, collaborative spirit, high level of integrity both as an artist and as an individual are both unique and highly admirable. Our industry is beyond lucky to have her’

Kirsten Scoles ( Producer - Formosa group ) 

‘Dani is an amazing entertainer, with an extraordinary ability in the field of acting, athletics, and performance. She’s not just talented, intelligent, and beautiful, she is also one of the most caring, strong willed, and inspiring people I know. Dani has the talent, determination, skills and qualities of a huge triple-threat’

 Alyssa Gentile ( Voice Over Producer - Riot games )

 ‘Her attributes as an actor, motion capture performer, movement performer, producer and creative director were perfect fit for film and the gaming industries’

Dov Kornitts - Film ink Magazine 

 ‘Dani played a critical role on the show during the season and not only did viewers love her, but our ratings increased due to her presence on the show. The girls also connected with her and loved working with Dani during her time on the show’

‘As a judge, Dani appeared on television and she was able to Judge the performance skills on each girl. As part of the contest, each contestant was required not only to model, but also to act and to engage in other performance feats and talents to include such skills as acting, motion, movement, etc. - These skills were relevant to Dani and her background’ 

Richard Young ( Caribbeans Next Top Model Season 1,2,3 Main Judge / Creative Director ) 

 I recruited her to be a subject in FourTwoNine magazine’s “Welcome to Los Angeles” photo shoot. For the article, I was to find various talent in the city who were new and astounding in their own right. They must be worthy enough to draw interest to our readers and subscribers. Dani fit the bill!

 Megan Montedoro ( 429 magazine ) 

‘ We are proud to say that Ms. Dani Swan is an ambassador for the Leukaemia foundation ‘ 

‘Dani has a joie de vivre that is contagious and admired by all her know her. She has dedicated a large part of her adult life to making a difference to lives of those less fortunate and i wish her every success in the pursuit of her chosen career’

 Bill petch ( CEO Leukaemia foundation ) 

‘I not only asked Dani to speak in front of a room filled with Doctors on her inspirational story but also to showcase her stunning movement in a performance piece choreographed by her especially for AACE. We will continue to bring her on for more work with AACE in the coming years’

Etie Moghissi, MD, FACP, FACE - Chair of the Task Force for the development of a Women’s Leadership Project. The American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists (AACE)

‘She is a most beautiful, professional and well mannered young lady who always displays warm and captivating attention’ 

Toni Grazani ( Ferrari Australia )