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Dani Swan has traveled the world not only as a Performer but as a Choreographer, Creative Director, and International Accredited Pilates Instructor. Her Movement and Dance are a collaboration of embracing all cultures and infusing them into her unique style. Her passion has taken her into all mediums of Entertainment.

Dani opened her own Pilates Company at 18, targeting the world of Corporate Fitness. Alongside her Performing and Businesses, she worked as a Creative Director and Choreographer for Commercial content and runway shows such as ‘Rosemont Fashion Week’ for IMG.

She is a Board Member for the Performance Motion Capture Artists SAG-AFTRA, is a co-founder of Cyber Blue Productions LLC, Hollywood, CA and CEO of The Swan Movement PTY.

Dani worked with the Ladies on Movement – Using their bodies for Photography, Mentoring the young Women on camera, Preparation for a Commercial and Speaking Roles and the Preparation and Presentation for the Audition process.

Dani Swan is the lead Actress, Motion Capture Artist, and Producer in the up and coming Sci-Fi film ‘CERULEAN’ by famed Designer, Tani Kunitake (Matrix, Star Wars Episode 8 ), and Screen/Visual Effects, Grant Boucher (Titanic). She is also the Model for the Comic Book. CERULEAN, under the Cyber Blue Productions umbrella, was recently the Face of the 2016 Australian Sci-Fi Festival at Fox Studios where the Team were interviewed on a Live Panel and Dani demonstrated her Movement for Motion Capture. Australia’s Number One Film Magazine, published an Article on her as ‘The One to watch’.

As Producer, Dani has been a driving force in opening the doors for Cerulean with major TV and Film Production Companies and Distribution Houses both in Australia and USA. She arranged for Cerulean to be featured on TV with Tyra Banks, Global Empire – Top Model – having it as a prize on Dani’s 2 episodes. Dani’s skills and experience in PR and Branding, alongside the creative talents of Kunitake and Boucher, have created a highly successful ‘Cerulean’.

THE SWAN MOVEMENT Pty Ltd (launched in late 2016 ) is Dani’s Motion Capture and Movement Company which is now dominating the Corporate, Commercial and Film Markets.

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Caribbeans Next Top Model – Guest Judge – Creative Director ( Season 2 )

Dani was the Guest Judge and Creative Director for 2 Episodes. Working with the ladies on how to move and use their bodies for photography [...]

The Swan Movement PTY

CEO - Launching Jan 2017 ( Coming Soon )  

SAG – AFTRA on the board for Performance Motion Capture – Represented by VOX, hollywood

Dani is a member of SAG - AFTRA for many years and was offered the role to be on the board for SAG - AFTRA [...]

Cerulean – Producer

  As Producer, Dani has been a driving force in opening the doors for Cerulean with major Tv and Film production companies and distribution houses [...]

Cyber Blue Productions LLC

Cyber Blue Productions LLC  Dani Swan -  Creative Director and Talent, Dani Swan ( Cerulean, Caribbean’s next Top Model ) Illustration and artwork by Tani Kunitake [...]

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